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Metal stampings: our company owns over 150 sets of special stamping equipment to meet the stamping requirement from 50 to 600 tons. The productions cover auto, electronics, aeronautical and space, home hardware, building, precise electric industry, power, communications and other industries.
Machining: our company owns more than 60 sets of NC machining equipment and can customize different kinds of mechanical parts according to clients’ requirement with rich experiences in machining mechanical parts. 


Metallic sheet metal:
Sheet metal is a kind of production by sheet metal process and has close relations with our life. Sheet metal is made from a series of processes: filament winding, laser cutting, heavy duty fabrication, metallic bonding, metal wire drawing, plasma ions cutting, precise welding, roll forming, sheet metal bending forming, die forging, water spray cutting and precise welding.
Cases and cabinets:
Our company owns CNC punching machines and CNC bending machines and has rich experience in production of cases and cabinets, which are mainly applied in communication, electric power, industrial control and the other industries.


Metal tensile pieces:
Metal tensile piece is a kind of metal production made by the stretching process. Our company has technical teams with rich experience and can custom different stretching products according to the clients’ requirement. 
Welding processing:
Our company has modern welding production line and can finish more difficult metal welding process to meet the clients’ requirement.